Wounds & Weapons in the Napoleonic War: a database of the Peninsular War

  • Antonio Grajal De Blas Instituto de Enseñanza Media El Pla, Spain
  • Jorge Planas Campos Foro para el Estudio de la Historia Militar de España, Spain


The research supporting the authors’ book Officiers de Napoléon tués ou blesses pendant la Guerre d’Espagne (1808-1814) has uncovered a database of over 4,000 entries where the wounds, and the weapons that produced them, are described in some detail. This information can be cross-referenced with any of the other data in the book. The note includes tables relating the location of the wound, the different weapons causing the wound and the breakdown by arm (infantry, artillery, cavalry). The authors are ready to provide a suitable version of the database
to researchers working in the field.

Research Notes