Book Review: Arts Therapies and the Mental Health of Children and Young People: Contemporary Research Theory and Practice

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Nicki Wentholt


Edited by Uwe Hermann, Margaret Hills de Zárate, and Salvo Pitruzzella this book is the first of a series to be published on the Arts Therapies and Mental Health of Children and Young People. The editors have carefully compiled contributions from England, Scotland, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Israel, and Trinidad Tobago. The book consists of an introduction followed by nine chapters with all the Arts Therapies disciplines represented.

The relevance and urgency of the book’s theme, the mental health of children and young people, is immediately illustrated in the introduction, which is written by two of the three editors, Margaret Hills de Zárate and Uwe Hermann.  The editors sketch the global context, the effects of globalisation, and the necessity for the Arts and Arts Therapies to be employed in the support of vulnerable and underprivileged children and young people.

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